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Fortunately again, both can have sex as much and as long as they want with impunity – with the exception of house arrest that may have been imposed by horrified parents – until one of them reaches the age of 14! So suppose that in the case of a 13-year-old couple of the same age, one of them has a birthday a day after his girlfriend, who is also 13 years old: if the girlfriend were to have a little hour of shepherding with her boyfriend, who is only a day younger, on the day of her 14th birthday as a newly cooked teenager, she would face prosecution for sexual abuse of her, with a threat of up to 15 years` imprisonment (for minors at least limited to 10 years – as a small consolation). It doesn`t matter for the criminal responsibility that the two have been together for a long time and from whom the initiative came – even though her extremely insignificant young boyfriend seduced the girl with candles and roses to give sexual hugs on the occasion of her birthday, she remains the aggressor. Alternatively, she could legally sleep with her boyfriend`s 50-year-old father – who would also not be subject to prosecution from his 14th birthday. So here is the German law: if the 14-year-old girl sleeps with her boyfriend of 13 years and 364 days, she is criminal; If, on the other hand, the friend`s 50-year-old father slept with the 14-year-old, who is forcibly abstinent by law, then that would be perfectly fine under German law. Dad is happy. As far as I know, legally, you are 16 years old enough to decide for yourself who you have what (sex). but a 14-year-old with an 18-year-old would not be legal I think! Legislation treats homosexual and heterosexual acts differently: homosexual acts between males were generally illegal in the Soviet Union and Russia until 1993. Since 1993, consensual homosexual sexual contact between adults has been exempt from sanctions – but for consensual homosexual contact in violation of the age of consent, different rules apply to those of heterosexuals: the maximum penalty for consensual contact with a minor under 14 or 15 years of age is four years for heterosexual contact, six years for homosexual contact (Article 134(1) and (2)). If the age difference is less than four years, heterosexual contact cannot be punished with prison, homosexual contact can. Being together is legal anyway. Regarding sex: «If the 16-year-old girl does it voluntarily because she really wants to and not because she is under pressure or in an emergency situation and she is not paid for it, it is legal. when it comes to being together (only being together, even in a denomination), age doesn`t matter.

when it comes to sex, it`s that simple: from the age of 14, you can have sex without any problems. if one of the partners is under 14 years of age and the other is over 14 years of age, the older one may have problems, is punishable. if both are under 14, both are heavy, then it would not be legal, but no one can be punished. in your question, it does not matter anyway, since both are over 14 years old. the age limit of 16 does not apply in Germany, but in Austria it is (if I am taught correctly) the limit. but it would be illegal. 14 and 18 years old would be illegal because she is still a child. 14 and 18 years would be legal in Germany, as the age limit for sexual intercourse in Germany is 14 years and older. it is also legal before the age of 16, as the age limit in Germany is 14. it must be voluntary in one way or another, regardless of age.

Would it be bad, or legal, if it were more developed? In Spain, the age of consent has been 16 since 2015. [27] [28] From 1999 to 2015, it was 13 years, before 1999, the age of consent was 12 years. [29] [30] In the United States, the determination of the age of consent falls within the jurisdiction of the states. In most U.S. states, the age of consent is reached at the age of 16. In Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, Colorado, New York and Wyoming, the age of consent is 17. Regulations are even stricter in Arizona, Idaho, California, Florida, Delaware, Utah, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Texas and Wisconsin; in these States, the age of consent is 18 years. Sexual acts with people who have not reached the age of consent are punishable in the United States partly as legal rape, in part based on various other offenses. [31] For example, in New York State, any sexual contact with and between persons under the age of 17 is prohibited without exception and is classified as a misdemeanour, felony or violent crime according to age difference. In some countries, criminal responsibility is differentiated by gender, so in Idaho, sexual contact with female partners under the age of 18 is invariably considered rape, while there is no direct equivalent for sexual acts with male minors.

[32] [33] The Child Protection Act (児童福祉法, Jidō fukushihō) prohibits in § 34(6) «obscene acts» (淫行, inkō) on minors under the age of 18. [19] The Supreme Court`s Grand Senate stated in 1985 that there is no «obscene act» if both parties are the same age, or if the adult is interested in a serious relationship. [20] Japan`s various prefectures have each issued their own ordinances that provide more details about the law, which are «obscene acts,» as well as sentences limited to up to two years in prison. [21] Exceptions are set for each limit in the table, with the exception of the German limit of 14 years (see below or corresponding articles). sexual acts or incite them to engage in sexual acts are punishable by a fine or imprisonment. If one of the two is under 14 years of age, the elderly person is liable to prosecution from a certain age difference: in case of conviction, in addition to several years of imprisonment, there is a risk of losing the right to vote, public registration on the Internet as a sex offender and rigid probation conditions (prohibition of contact with young people, prohibition of apartments near schools, kindergartens and parks). This applies not only to convicted adults, but also to minors convicted of fornication with other minors. [34] The determination of the age of consent and, most importantly, the lifelong stigmatization of juvenile lovers as sex criminals are controversial in the public debate in the United States. [35] The sensational sentencing of a 17-year-old student to ten years in prison for consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old boy led to the introduction of a so-called «Romeo and Juliet Clause»[36] into Georgia state sexual criminal law in 2006. As a result, 16- and 17-year-olds who have performed sexual acts with 14- and 15-year-olds are no longer prosecuted as criminals in this state, but only as perpetrators of a crime.

The verdict against the 17-year-old was overturned by the Supreme Court of Georgia (Wilson v. State of Georgia) as manifestly disproportionate. The age of consent for sexual acts in Germany is at least 14 years, according to the facts, there are still the age limits 16 years and 18 years.

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