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By definition, a subordinate is not an inferior employee, but only an employee who reports to at least one superior, boss or superior. Many of the company`s employees report to both others and employees, especially those who supervise workers in a production hall or hold other middle management positions. Shift supervisors can have bosses, and those bosses can have managers, and those managers can answer to the vice-presidents and so on. One of the best ways to become a better supervisor is to first learn how to be a good subordinate. Whether you call it a hierarchical order or a chain of command, when it comes to a corporate hierarchy, everyone serves someone. However, depending on the level of leader an employee occupies, there are others who may need to serve them as well. The same employee of a company may be considered an employee by some, a boss by others, and a subordinate to his superiors. A subordinate usually reports to at least one supervisor or boss in a corporate governance structure, even if he or she is considered a supervisor in his or her own department. There is also great concern about romantic relationships between subordinates and superiors. Even if the relationship itself is consensual, there is a risk that the supervisor will expose the company to a sexual harassment lawsuit if the relationship ends badly. Employees with such a direct business relationship are often discouraged from establishing personal relationships to avoid possible complications in the future.

The prefix sub- means «inferior» and ordered refers to an order of things. In the army, a soldier is subordinate to an officer. We can also say that the private is a subordinate. If it is an adjective or a noun, the word «suh-BOR-duh-nit» is pronounced. If it is a verb, it is pronounced «suh-BOR-duh-nate». Do not subordinate one pronunciation to the other: both are equally important. Is it desirable for a supervisor and a subordinate to share an office? The relationship between a subordinate and a supervisor may also be governed by company policies. Because a certain level of respect and distance must be maintained, executives are often discouraged from fraternizing outside the office with the employees who work among them. Too much familiarity could lead to accusations of favoritism or tolerance in the workplace. By limiting social contacts, many business owners hope to maintain relationships at a professional level. Definition of subordinate to the English learner (point 2 of 3) This role involves performing tasks or assuming delegated responsibilities assigned by a supervisor. For example, an office manager may assign routine documents to another employee to focus on an important project.

Since the relationship is superior/subordinate, the employee is obliged to perform the assigned task. This is not the same relationship as an employee asking for help or personal favor. There is a degree of respect for the supervisor position that motivates the other worker to take on the task or responsibility. What terms do you use in your English-speaking country? Are the terms «subordinates» and «people below me» acceptable? Please let us know your point of view. You can help communicators around the world learn from your experiences and achieve their communication goals. Middle Latin subordinatus — see side entry 1 A subordinate is someone who works for someone else. As a verb, to subordinate means to place or order one thing under another. When you do a group project, sometimes you have to subordinate your ideas to the wishes of the larger group.

Here`s one way to improve this communication instantly: stop calling them «subordinates.» In the United States, the word subordinate has a negative connotation. It communicates the idea of someone who is «less than». Although «subordinates» are by definition employed less than their supervisor, assuming they are «less than» decreases their contribution. Subordinate is a lower-level employee in an organization, most often referred to as junior for someone in the hierarchy. This is the position in which a manager reports to a manager or parent position. A subordinate role in a workplace means that the person reports to someone else. A subordinate is an employee who ranks below another employee in the company`s hierarchy. The specific roles and tasks of the subordinate depend on his level, economy and industry.

An employee at the bottom of a career ladder may be subordinated to virtually all others, but may eventually be promoted to a position with some managerial responsibilities. The junior employee often observes a supervisor`s average workday to learn what skills would be needed to move forward. Bosses and workers to whom they are superior may have very strong working relationships or may not be suitable as a team. Personality conflicts between them can also complicate their working relationship, as the junior employee may feel undervalued, while a supervisor may feel that those reporting to them do not respect their authority. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for children These are good alternatives for «subordinates» and «people under my command»: colleagues, colleagues, team members, teammates, workers, assistants, colleagues and individual contributors. Another great option is to use people`s job titles. I recently taught a corporate communications course for a group of global executives in Seattle, Washington. Many of them spoke English as a second, third or fourth language. When I asked them about their learning objectives, some mentioned that they wanted to communicate more effectively with their subordinates. Here`s a tip: If you work in the United States, your commas and periods are enclosed in quotation marks. I have a question, please. What if authority has been delegated to a junior director, if there is a principal? Should the junior director transfer the delegated authority to the senior manager, as such delegations may, in some cases, result in the need to issue directions or orders? Thank you very much.

I work for a large multi-state health organization. «Directly subordinate» is often used. I`m sorry you have to live in the real world! It would be great if the work worked the other way around. In the trenches, we use the term «accountable» to a manager, but the company in its political correctness and to *seem* nice refers to being «supported» by a manager, indicating that we do all the work and that the manager paves the way for us to do our job. Well, if only it really worked that way 😉. As a regular contributor, Michael enjoys researching to satisfy his great curiosity on a variety of obscure topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English teacher, poet, voice actor and DJ. I find it retrograde that people are often promoted to leadership positions based on how their bosses like them, rather than on their performance as leaders. This leads to many selfish and hard-to-follow leaders, but who excel at making brown noses and using submissive tactics to climb the career ladder.

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