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The hours of work allowed depend on the age of the child – see Tables A and B below. Safework NSW is the body responsible for occupational health and safety, workers` compensation and certificates for operators of industrial facilities. You can be contacted at 131 050 or visit their website. Parents/guardians who employ their children on a family or farm are not required to apply for a work permit to employ their own child or to comply with the terms and conditions of employment regarding age restrictions, hours of work or breaks. In Australia, you are considered an adult when you turn 18. But for some things, the legal age may be younger. The legal age to gamble is 18 in all states and territories. This includes playing the lottery and scratch cards, on slots, in the TAB, in a casino and with online betting platforms or applications. In Australia, there is no minimum age to work in all states and territories. The minimum age for admission to employment depends on the country or territory where the employee works. If you have a question about a specific type of employment or work for a specific employer, contact a Child Employment Officer at 1800-287-287 or by email to inquire directly about it. The information in this article is general in nature and laws vary from state to state.

So, if you have concerns about your child`s legal rights or obligations, it`s always best to: For more information on employee rights in general, see the rest of our Employment Rights section. . If children are 18 years old, they can give their full legal consent to medical treatment and refuse it. Table A shows the number of hours children can work in the entertainment and advertising industry, for example: It is important to check the relevant laws of your state or territory to ensure that your child`s terms and conditions of employment are fair and legal. This includes things like hours of work, supervision, rates of pay, etc. Unless you work for your family`s business or farm, your employer must have a Victorian Government Child Work Permit (POC) before you can start working. If you work in one of these areas, Victorian law sets out the hours of work, training, supervision, safety and travel arrangements that apply to you. *Light work is defined as that which is not likely to harm the health, development of safety or the moral and material well-being of a child. Nor should it affect their ability to go to school or their ability to learn. There is no minimum age if you work for your family`s farm or business, but you cannot work on school days during school hours. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 15 to do any type of work other than «light work».

This includes the work you do for your family`s farm or business. Children between the ages of 10 and 17 are generally treated as «children» by police and juvenile courts. This means that they usually face legal procedures and sanctions designed for children. For example, their names are kept secret during a court case. In Victoria, you can only do delivery work if you are 11 or 12 years old. A CEP sets rules to ensure your work is safe and appropriate. For example, people under 15: if you`re 13 or 14, you can do any type of work you could do at 11 or 12. You can also do jobs like: If you are under 15 and have questions, or if you have a problem at work that you would like to discuss, you can contact: If you work for your family, there are no restrictions on the number of hours you can work, but you cannot work on school days during school hours. There is no minimum age to work in your family business or on your family farm. There are also no restrictions on working hours or breaks. However, there are other restrictions: the minimum working age in Victoria is 11. That`s the age you have to be to work.

The amount you receive depends on the type of contract under which you are employed. To find out how much you should be paid, visit our What is your minimum wage page or contact the Fair Work Ombudsman for information on rates of pay and working conditions. Download and read the following documents for full details on how many hours children can work in the entertainment industry: The general rules on working hours for workers under 15 years of age are as follows: There is no safe level of alcohol consumption for children under the age of 18. And it`s not safe for anyone to use illegal drugs at any age. Alcohol and other drugs can affect children`s health, brain development, behavior, schoolwork, and relationships. Some companies may set their own minimum age of employment, which may vary from company to company. For example, a fast food restaurant may decide not to employ children under the age of 14. Once you turn 15, you can legally work in Victoria in any type of job, provided that: To find out more about working hours, visit Business Victoria`s Child Employment Laws page, contact a Child Employment Officer on 1800 287 287 or email In most Australian states and territories, the age at which you can legally consent is 16.

The exceptions are South Australia and Tasmania, where he is 17. Table B below shows the number of hours children can work in entertainment industries that include live performance, such as: We inform you about the work rules for a family business or farm and in the entertainment industry further down the page. If you stay in touch with your child during adolescence, your child will likely be better able to avoid pressure, be involved in risky behavior, or illegal activities. But if you`re worried about your child`s behavior, seek help by talking to your primary care doctor or calling your state or territory parenting helpline. In Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland, the minimum age is 13 to start casual or part-time work. As a general rule, the minimum age for employment is 13 years. However, to work without special permission, you must be at least 15 years old. There are some exceptions: You can only do certain types of work until the age of 15: There is no minimum age to work in South Australia. In addition, sexting is illegal in all Australian states and territories except Victoria and Tasmania.

In Victoria and Tasmania, sexting is legal if both people are under the age of 18 and there is no more than two years of age difference. In Qld and Victoria, you can work for more than 15 years, less than 15 years, you can work in certain situations. In general, in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory, there is no minimum age for most types of casual or part-time work. New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania have laws that provide legal defence to a person who has sex with someone under the age of consent if both people are the same age. This is called close defense against age. Some large companies, such as food franchises and supermarkets, have their own minimum age rules. Check the company`s website to find out how old you need to be to work for them. If you plan to work at a time other than school holidays, you should check with the New South Wales Department of Education for restrictions that may apply to a student`s age and education. You can be contacted at 1300 679 332 or visit their website.

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