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PNG or JPG. Min. width: 500px. Maximum size: 2MB. The image must be about this episode. Mike Sarraille: When we talk about it, it`s almost like the comparison is joy. That is absolutely correct. I mean, so hard for a lot of viewers who see this, so hard for them when you`re inundated on social media and watching everybody`s good times. And first of all, no one posts anything bad. My wife and only post when we are we are adorable dovey. I don`t post when it`s thrown at my head on the other side of the harness, although Glen Powell: And it`s really funny how long it takes to move on to these things. It takes a very, very long time. Anyway, I just feel like when you talk about arguments, it`s easy to get these things across.

I don`t think about many people, I don`t tend to wallow in failure. I tend to put my head down and work every day. And then, when you look up, I hope the world feels a little brighter. But that`s what I would say to anyone doing something difficult or whatever you believe in, keep your head down and keep faith in the people who actually love you, not people who just say they love you. There is a big difference. Mike Sarraille : I haven`t met my wife, she this house despite our age difference. She runs this house, man. So they`ve had a long string of successes, I have to say this and Men`s Journal, we also own MJ Plus Fit, which was once the fitness of the old men. One of the questions we received from our viewers was: what were the workouts? Because you had this scene in the Top Gun Maverick Band. What training did you take? Is this something you follow regularly? What was your diet to prepare for it? And then, what is your daily diet just to maintain it? Mike Sarraille : When you talk about Costner and Denzel and Sylvester and Cruz, it seems like they all have these common attributes that all have in common, these best performers. The last question we always ask is: when everything is said and done and for you, I hope it`s in 60, 70 years and the time has come and you are leaving, what do you want to be your legacy? Will Glen Powell be known when he is no longer with us? We`re just waiting for you to mark this episode as watched before revealing any discussions, reviews, and special content. In case of spoilers! Who do you think was the biggest character in this episode? Glen Powell: It`s like No Man Left Behind.

It is not a question of self-preservation. It`s not a logical thing, but it`s a logical thing, it`s, based on, you know what I mean, what`s right, and something that defies logic. And I feel like devotion is really my attempt to feel a life-saving private Ryan, which I hope really changes people`s mindset about how they see people around them. I feel like Top Gun did that. I feel like Devotion has the opportunity to do that, and I continue to try to make films that hopefully make people feel heroic, see the people around them as heroic, and tell stories that I feel change the world. Because I really feel like what Crews in Top Gun has always been about is that movies you can never forget are a collective emotional experience. Everyone in the world sees the same movie and it`s a very rare thing that you can distribute properly at a mass feeling level. And feelings can really change the world and they can change your perspective. And if you do it right, it can be really very effective. So I hope I can make a difference with the ideas I bring to the world. There you go.

Men`s Journal`s Everyday Warrior With Mike Sarraille is a podcast that inspires people to live more fulfilling lives by having conversations with disruptors and high-achievers from all walks of life. In episode 36, we spoke to actor Glen Powell about training for Top Gun: Maverick and his new role as a Navy fighter pilot during the Korean War in Devotion. Mike Sarraille: You mentioned that you left one of the largest places in the United States, Austin, Texas, where I currently live with my wife. Well, but it was one person in particular who lured you out of Austin at the age of 17 and convinced you to go to Los Angeles, and that well-known man is Denzel Washington. He gave you some important tips while filming the great debaters. What is it? So 17. I didn`t know my head for my fucking ass. No one does it unless they are extremely mature. I`m sure there are quite a few. He is a courageous step-man.

What was going through your head? Well, it`s the chance of a lifetime, but it must have been an overwhelming experience. But you were also under the direction of one of the greatest actors of our time alongside Tom Cruise. Denzel Washington. Absolute. How did that happen? Listen to the full episode above (scroll down for transcript) and see more of this series below. Glen Powell: As if there was the best experience ever, it`s just one, that`s why you do it. What I`ve heard Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise talk about this whole experience is how will it affect the audience? How will the public digest this information? How will they digest this emotion? How will they understand all this? And to see The Godfather Jerry Bruckheimer, to observe an audience, to consume it, to be affected by it and to be so excited about it all. I really have the best film school of my life working with these guys. Mike Sarraille : Oh, we will. So what was it, I mean, you risked a lot of personal capital, took a lot of risks for this story between the two main characters, Thomas Hudner and Jesse Brown.

What was it that told Glen Powell about Glen Powell, I have to make a film out of it? What about his story as a man? Glen Powell: yes, I mean, that`s the other thing that I don`t think a lot of people understand that everybody thinks, whoa, you`re doing two naval aviation movies in a row. And I thought, well, I`ve been developing dedication for five years. I had a script together, I had producers on board, I had financed everything before Top Gun. So there was a moment when I decided whether I should do Top Gun or Devotion. And I really had to talk to the producers of Devotion and Tom Cruise, who convinced me that there was room for these two films.

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