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First of all, thank you for providing such a useful resource, your website is very informative. However, none of the cases matched mine exactly. I made direct arrangements with all my creditors and made regular but modest payments to them over the years. About three or four years ago, two of the biggest debts (£8,000 bank loan and £2,5,000 credit card) were still moving from one debt collector to another. Last month I received a letter about the £8,000 debt stating that I was currently making payments but had not made a formal agreement. They said they had been ordered to do a financial assessment. They included an Inc/Exp form and a payment offer form, nothing more. This month I received a claim letter downgrading the £2.5,000 debt, including the Inc/Exp forms, bank statement and response form threatening legal action. The bank statement of this debt shows that I have paid them £1500 in the years I have paid, and to my knowledge I have not missed a payment for years. My question is: Can they enter into a CJC or do something legal if I have made regular payments, and do I have to enter into a formal agreement to prevent any «further action,» as they repeatedly state in their letter? Do I need to respond to this claim letter? That`s a lot of questions that need to be addressed in a response to a comment! In short, it seems that a JCC can still be requested; You don`t have to agree to sell your debt to a debt collector; the DCA does not have to tell you how much the debt was purchased; You can ask the DCA for a bank statement showing the payments made and the amount owing; And your «sum» is not so much mathematically wrong, but legally irrelevant – when a debt is bought, you owe the buyer the entire debt, regardless of the price for which it was purchased. Sorry, did Alpha buy the debt? So they are now the creditor and not Mercedes? Did you receive a letter from Bowen Legal, not a claim form from the court? 2.2. The packages contain standardised services that SAMT AG offers at a flat rate.

Details on pricing and services can be found in the package description on A legally unenforceable claim still exists. You`ll need to talk to your lawyer about your options – it may be okay to stop paying. Creditors must send you a letter before the claim before going to court. This gives you the opportunity to ask for more information and ask for debt advice in court. There are many legal protections for consumers with old debts, so find out if you have good reasons to dispute the debt. For example: So the last loan you paid less than the amount you borrowed. The debts that would have been passed on to the collector would have been interest and charges plus the small remaining amount of principal owing. Interest and fees must not have exceeded £900. But also the legal costs of the CCJ would be added. If you go down, you can see that I checked legal tm here about a debt that should not be sold to ccj as not legal and the company finally admitted bad behavior and I got a CCJ and paid it in full on that date September 30, 2022 I still have illegal ccj on my credit report and still no refund for money, that I paid TM Legal Services for a CCJ that should never have existed!!!!!!!!!!!! SAMT AG processes personal and address data on the basis of care and trust.

If the proper performance of the contract so requires, SAMT AG may require proof of identity, e.g. for the registration of property rights. The full privacy statement can be found in response to Credit Resource Solutions` complaint: 1. You allege that CRS`s Director of Collection was oppressive with legal threats; You state that it made you feel intimidated and forced to accept the payment arrangement, which is not affordable for you. In addition, you claim that the Director of Collection informed you that your offer of reimbursement was insufficient, you assert that it must have been an indication that the agreement proposed by the Director of Collection was not affordable, and although you confirmed that you were not up to date with priority invoices, payment was still withdrawn from you. You claim that the director of the collection used passive techniques and ruthless tactics to scare you, and that when you tried to challenge him, you were threatened with justice. 1. On December 7, 2016, you spoke with the Director of the CRS collection, there were four phone calls with the Director of Collection that day.

I can confirm that I have verified these calls and accept that the collection manager did not handle the phone calls as expected. I`m so sorry for that and for how you felt. I can confirm that this has been escalated to the company`s management and has been discussed with the collection manager. As a result of my investigation, I confirmed this aspect of your complaint; I hope you will accept my apologies for this,» is an excerpt when they threatened the court 2.1. The subject of the contract and the scope of the services depend on the activity that the customer books through the platform. Some packages include consulting or legal services, others are on a «Fair Execution» basis. 12.3. All communications in legal disputes with SAMT AG must be in Swiss/German and SAMT AG cannot be held responsible for the costs of translation from other languages. My question is: Is it illegal for debt collectors to claim that they have bailiffs? «Can they sign up for a YAC or do something legal if I`ve made regular payments?» Maybe.

But if you provide an income and expense form and a monthly offer that seems reasonable, they usually won`t care. Since a lawsuit is pending, sending form letters is not the best approach. I suggest you speak to National Debtline (0808 808 4000) or speak to the Legal Beagles forum further development of your defence. A credit collection scam can use scaremongering and threats. The scammer could also pull the emotional card, making you feel like a bad or irresponsible person. They might also try to create a sense of urgency so that you act quickly and do what they want. Representing the drug treatment facility and attending physician in the DEA investigation and threatening to revoke the license Hi, I have a debt at loans2go that has just been legally handed over to BW. I just received the letter to establish a payment plan, but the debt has been closed in my credit file and marked as satisfied and the balance shows zero. Can this guilt be reopened? Can a YAC be added if the account is closed? If a debt collection agency declares in writing that it «bought your debts, does that mean that you owe us now», is it legally able to issue a «default» at any time during the legal period or within 14 days of the «purchase»? Also: I am aware that the statute of limitations for debts in Scotland is 5 years instead of 6 years – Since I incurred the debt while living in England but moved to Scotland 3 years ago, would the Scottish or English border legally apply here? 4.5.

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