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I really want to buy a motorcycle homologated for the street, but I can`t afford to buy a new bike now. I thought about buying a double sports kit, a speedometer and road tires to be able to ride with a buddy who just got a 600cc road bike. Of course, I want to go fast, but I want to enjoy cycling wherever I want. For those who legalized their 250 roads, do you think it was worth it? Install all legal street devices, change your gear change, I run 14-42.go for this, it`s pure pleasure to drive my XR anywhere, it crosses well with the top gearbox. Get another set of OEM wheels for $50 and get the biggest road tires that fit it. Gives you 75% (or something) of SM at 5% of the cost. 👍 In 1981, the XR250 was updated with a single rear shock. [4] In 1984, the motorcycle was introduced with Honda`s four-valve radial combustion chamber (RFVC). [ref. needed] It has a claimed dry weight of 110 kg (240 lbs),[1] and a seat height of 36 inches (96-04). Honda said the engine produces a top power of 19.6 and torque of 14 to 15 lbs. [1] The 1996 through 2004 versions of the XR250R had 10.6-inch front and rear travel and 41mm front forks. The tyres were 80/100-21 at the front and 100/100-18 at the rear.

It had 13-48 gearboxes and a standard top speed of around 66 mph at 8000 rpm. The XR250L was a heavier, road-legal version introduced in 1991 and should not be confused with the older XL250R. As of 1981, the XR250 had a 21-inch front wheel. [4] The 1979 and 1980 versions had a 23-inch front wheel (tire size 3.00 x 23). Otherwise, dual-sport bikes are fun. Make sure you can legally do it in OH. CA Technologies can no longer do that. These bikes have a lot of power, if you know how to use it, trust me, I already bought my legal street bike, but if I hadn`t, I definitely would have. The XR250R is designed and built for off-road and single-track driving. The XR250L is almost the same bike, but the biggest difference is that it is road legal and has added accessories to ride legally and more comfortably on the road. These parts include: DOT tires, mirrors, horn, transmission, odometer, etc.

The xr250r is not road homologated, but its cousin xr250l is road homologated from the factory. However, you may be able to make it legal on the road with the right parts if your state allows registration for road use. The LEDs work for a long time on the kit battery = the taillight is nice and bright – very easy to connect – everything works fine Oh poor mirror, not convex, I don`t see much with it – don`t use – motorcycles really need a convex mirror everything else is good! My first bike was an old Yamaha 175 Enduro. It had about 15 hp. Riding on the highways was a crazy experience as the bike barely reached 65 miles per hour. The Honda XR250R and XR250L are trail and dual-sport motorcycles manufactured by Honda from 1979 to 2004 as part of the Honda XR series. They have four-valve four-stroke SOHC engines with a displacement of 249 cc (15.2 cu in). The XR250 is definitely not a road bike – it`s a good Woods bike for low to medium trail speeds. But with it, you can upgrade the engine and suspension to a competitive wood racing machine if you have the ability to drive it. This list applies only to the part or subassembly number below.

This is a trail bike that is made for beginners or if you are an occasional cyclist who wants a reliable off-road bike. It has enough power to do almost anything, but is still easy to control if you`re new to the field. With decent torque at idle, it`s much easier to use the clutch, learn to ride, and ride on the trail, as you don`t need to rev it up to accelerate. Combine that with the higher weight of the flywheel compared to a racing bike, and the XR 250 is very good at getting traction so you stay in control – especially on slippery terrain! Verified purchase: Yes| Condition: nine | Sold by: universalpowers. As the XR250s become harder to find, their value is slowly increasing. A comparable bike would be the DRZ250 and KLX300R. All of this is a bit hard to find these days, and they can vary greatly in the price of a used bike. XR stands for Cross Country. In other words, a Honda XR250R off-road motorcycle is an off-road trail bike. Honda didn`t have any other 4-stroke racing bikes until 2002, so it was the best 250 4-stroke off-road bike. I don`t know what you`re afraid of, because by the sound of i over there in the United States, it must be deadly in the streets? Since there are now 3 different CRF250 models, you need to know which bike you want to compare it to. The most important parts of a dual sports kit are a headlight, tail and brake lights, mirrors, horn and turn signals.

The kit was easy to install. Just a problem with a rear traffic light. The soldier on the circuit board was not there. But easily repairable with Soldier Gun. SM bikes are expensive, but make cycling much more comfortable on the road. The XR250L is significantly heavier and doesn`t drive as well off-road at low speeds. It`s definitely a bi-sport off-road bike. There are no major problems with this bike. It`s just a rock-solid trail bike that only needs basic maintenance to keep going.

It`s not the lightest or fastest off-road bike, but it`s as durable as it gets. You want a stiffer suspension so it doesn`t go down.

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